California Legislature Passed SB-34 Cannabis:donations Bill

A message from Valerie Corral Co-founder of Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana

“Today WAMM stands in solidarity with tens of thousands of patients across California and the compassionate providers who serve them. We applaud the good work of Senator Wiener (D), Governor Newsom, and the legislature in the passage of SB34 Cannabis: donations.





WAMM Phytotherapies will open its doors this Spring 2020 and we are celebrating the fact that we can now plan for WAMM to re-open as a Compassionate Care Program in unison!

WAMM Phytoytherapies


Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana created WAMM Phytotherapies to serve as a high quality, vertically integrated, medical marijuana dispensary and well being center; continuing the tradition of local compassion, organically grown, high quality cannabis flower and products in a safe space for all, regardless of gender race or creed. We embrace diversity and welcome you!

Continuing the WAMM tradition of service attaining the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance is the focus of WAMM Phytotherapies cannabis dispensary extending to our non-marijuana related services, products and publications available in our Community Well Being Center space.





Transforming WAMM

While WAMM must adapt to the rigors of new regulations, we will not abandon our mission to help those who are in need. With the passing of SB34 Cannabis:donations, and Governor Newsom signing into law on October 13, 2019; WAMM,in unison with WAMM Phytotherapies can soon provide access for “medical marijuana patients” in the year 2020 through WAMM’s Compassionate Care Program.

Information Literary Resources

Our Community Well Being Center continues the focus of providing educational information on Alternative integrative therapies, and phytotherapies to support the individual and community. This is a collective space to share enjoy and enrich the quality of life with ongoing community activities collectively organized by a team of Professional Practitioners, utilizing Integrative Medicine, phytotherapy, music and art therapy.

Global Cultural Shift

Compassion, tradition, and integrity continue through our practices of environmental and social harmony through green practices in every aspect of our operations.

  • Compassion
  • Community
  • Well Being


WAMM’s Well Being Community Center

WAMM’s Well Being Community Center is designed to provide community relationships in a forum that supports social equity, information sharing, services and alternative complimentary products; herbs and other resources for well being.

Intergrative non-marijuana products, resources, and practitioners are adjacent to WAMM Phytotherapies Cannabis Retail Dispensary. The nexus between these two separate, but complimentary components are combined to enhance and emphasize access to knowledge in the pursuit of self-healing.

Our approach aligns the practitioner and the member/client to make use of all appropriate therapies possible providing and opportunity through this open space to couple integrative medicine with complimentary alternatives. What we offer is cradled in the awareness that everything we do affects the health of our self and environment.

Our vision is underway!