EnvirOganic Certified Cannabis Flower

All WAMM Phytotherapies cannabis is sun-and-soil-grown—utilizing cutting-edge regenerative farming techniques—on our EnvirOganic certified, beyond-organic farm in Santa Cruz County. With decades of experience in Earth-friendly cannabis cultivation, we continue to search out the finest strains available and supply them in their highest possible form at affordable prices.

Milagro, Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Available in five unique formulations:
20:1 THC:CBD | 7:1 THC:CBD | High THC | THCA | CBDA

WAMM Phytotherapies is proud to present Milagro Oil, our full line of broad-spectrum cannabis oils specially formulated to meet a variety of needs. Packaged in oral syringes crafted to put control in the hands of the consumer, Milagro Oil delivers unique cannabinoid profiles and concentrations in precise amounts. Each formulation has been painstakingly tested and refined over decades of application and analysis.

Salvation Topical

WAMM Phytotherapies Salvation is a top-shelf topical salve formulation infused with high potency, THC-rich, broad-spectrum cannabis plant extract and integrated with carefully sourced medicinal plants and oils. With a pleasant aroma of lemon balm and essential oils, and a smooth texture that absorbs easily into the skin, Salvation delivers a satisfying experience with proven results.

All of our cannabis is produced on our EnvirOganic certified, beyond-organic farm in Santa Cruz County.