The WAMM Phytotherapies product line continues to focus on delivering affordably priced products with the highest therapeutic value to those in need by offering a limited flower product release, various concentrated oils, and a proven healing salve formulation. We are dedicated to continuing our legacy to discover and cultivate the optimum properties of the cannabis plant.  While many cannabis providers sell a product beyond the resources of those who are ill, WAMM has long been known for maximizing impact and never forgetting our roots of compassionate access.

WAMM Phytotherapies plans to carry on the practices which established WAMM as the “Gold Standard” of compassionate care, providing free and low-cost cannabis products to those with financial hardship for nearly 30 years.  Through our “pay-it-forward” philanthropic cannabis model, every purchase you make helps us provide therapeutic products to those in need.

WAMM Phytotherapies cannabis is sun and soil grown, utilizing cutting edge regenerative farming techniques, on its EnvirOganic certified, beyond-organic farm in Santa Cruz County.

WAMM Phytotherapies is proud to present a line of broad spectrum cannabis oils, proclaimed to have miraculous benefits. Our oral syringes are crafted to empower consumers with a convenient way to deliver the cannabinoid concentrations they need. Each formulation has been painstakingly refined over decades of application and analysis.

WAMM Phytotherapies’ Salvation has proven to relieve your bodily aches and pains for more that 2 decades.

All of our cannabis is produced on our EnvirOganic certified, beyond-organic farm in Santa Cruz County.