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WAMM Phytotherapies is a collective of patients and caregivers creating community, building hope, dissolving barriers, providing support and medical marijuana at no cost.

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Coronavirus Covid-19 Update:

We are reaching out to let you know that due to the public health situation surrounding coronavirus, we will not be holding our medicine give away until further notice, HOWEVER, we have worked out a temporary way for us to bring medicine directly to you. In order to bring medicine to you we do need to get your approval to share your phone number and address with the WAMM team and a few choice volunteers who will be delivering it to you.

During the current public health situation with COVID19, WAMM Phytotherapies would like to encourage all of our higher risk members to avoid travel, public transit, events, and other gatherings of people. We understand the desire and need for community, but at this time we strongly encourage higher risk members to remain in their home as much as possible.

We are looking to provide short term solutions to getting medicine to our members that are most in need. We are doing a needs assessment to see if we are able to provide delivery solutions for those who are unable to get access to their medicine at this time. For those who are in the serious risk category, experiencing symptoms of illness, rely upon public transit, have mobility challenges…we would like to bring your medicine to you.

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Compassionate Cannabis Returns to California March 1st

On the day California’s “compassionate care” law takes effect, the team behind WAMM—the world’s oldest medical cannabis collective—will return with a new mission to provide free and low-cost medical cannabis to low-income patients in need. On January 1, 2018 California’s first licensed recreational cannabis stores opened for business. On the very same day, the state’s oldest and most respected medical cannabis collective shut its doors.

Founded in 1993 by Valerie and Mike Corral, WAMM was forced for the first time to stop serving its members with community supported health care, including providing free or sliding scale cannabis….

How do I become a patient member?

Right now we are at capacity and unable to accept new patients.

We are currently working on increasing supplies and will begin accepting new patients soon.

Please fill out the membership waiting list below.

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Our work is inspired by the pioneering medical cannabis collective, the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), founded by Valerie & Mike Corral.

For nearly 30 years WAMM was able to give away high quality cannabis products to thousands of sick and dying patients worth millions of dollars..

We are carrying this ethos into an expanded cannabis market that includes commercial access and maintains service to ill people in our community. We deliver affordably priced products with the highest therapeutic efficacy.


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