How do I get approved to be in the WAMM Phytotherapies Compassion Program?

If you are interested in getting more information please sign up on our email list (link to email sign up) or call  for more information.

Where do I pick up my medicine?

Approved WAMM Phytotherapies members can pick up compassionate medicine at Kind Peoples, Ocean St. location during designated Pick-up days/hours.

When are pick-up days?

Due to COVID-19 pickup days are currently on hold until further notice. Members will be notified when the regular schedule begins again.

If I miss the pick up day, how can I get access to my medicine?

If you miss the pick-up day you will be able to have access at the next scheduled pick-up day.

How can I help WAMM Phytotherapies?

Sign up on our email list and email your resume or details about your skill sets, and time availability to: info@wammphytotherapies.org 

When will you be opening a dispensary?

We are developing multiple avenues for providing safe access to all and will continue to update the community through our email list.

What are your hours?

We intend to have WAMM Phytotherapies Compassion pickup days every week on Tuesday at KindPeoples, Ocean St location from 10am to 2pm.