OLD About

Our purpose as WAMM Phytotherapies  is to provide hope, well-being and community through education that promotes access to plant based and other alternative therapies, dedicated to sustain and enrich all those we serve and the planet that we share.

WAMM Phytotherapies represents a version of uncommonality. Our “brand” is a non-brand, we don’t “fit” everywhere, and we don’t want to. Because we work compassionately with People, our work is healing; self, community, planetary. We work in the field of Health Services.  It is in a true sense “universal” health care, not limited to one plant, but to become freed from our preconceived versions of healing and of what heals.

Our aim at WAMM is to offer that path sustained within a supportive community that provides tools to better learn and understand how to achieve balance within ourselves, between people (community) and with nature (all plants). Our message is to convey support for self healing. We want the emphasis to be about people, about the nature of healing, about the work that connects humans to each other and to themselves. We offer solace in the face of great suffering, and if unable to offer the miracle of healing, we offer our shoulder and comfort another to the portal of the miracle of dying.

Inspired by the pioneering medical cannabis collective the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), cofounded by Valerie & Mike Corral, whose model was strengthened by relationships with their members, many who suffered from serious and life threatening conditions. We understand that it takes truly healthy plants to help the process of healing. Our unique product offerings are specifically blended to most effectively address the wide range of conditions for which cannabis is proving useful.