Nonna Marijuana

Aurora Leveroni—better known to her many fans as “Nonna Marijuana”—has two passions in life: cooking Italian food and taking care of her family. So when her daughter Valerie discovered that cannabis relieved her previously debilitating epileptic seizures, Nonna became a dedicated advocate for making the plant available to all who could benefit from it medicinally.

She fully supported Valerie when she co-founded WAMM in 1993 with her then husband Mike, and continues to support Valerie today as her compassionate journey continues with WAMM Phytotherapies.

At age 91, Nonna became an international weed icon by starring (with Valerie) in a VICE video, as part of their cannabis cuisine series Bong Appetit. When that video went viral, Nonna was profiled by NPR, interviewed by the BBC, and featured on the front page of a major Italian newspaper.

With millions of views on her videos, and admirers contacting her from all over the world with questions, she continues to spread a positive message about medical cannabis and compassionate care. At 98, Nonna approaches her journey from life into whatever lay beyond with grace, kindness, humor and love.

Thank you Momma!

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