A Message from your Executive Director:

Dear Friends,

As our nation and the world face a health crisis, we want you to know that we share concerns for your health and wellbeing. During this time of increased trepidation over COVID-19, WAMM Phytotherapies takes to heart the advice of experts in the field of contagious disease. It is our promise to reduce the risks of direct contact with crowds or those who may have been exposed to the coronavirus*.

To provide a safety wall between you and any potential exposure to a very serious threat please know that you can call us at the office and that we will do our best to be of service to you and your loved ones.

As always, our first concern is to create a safe environment, loving, compassionate and informed. We aim to serve you and hope to be up and running in a more direct way when time and your safety can be assured. With that in mind, please reach out to us if we can provide for you in some way, if you need support or just want to hear a friendly voice.

In the meantime, keeping a safe “social distance” is important. We are all connected. We are all a lifeline to each other. Try not to let this “social distance” become a reason to isolate yourself from the love and care of others. With the panic button being hit by so many people in light of the pandemic, try to employ ‘reason, rationality, open-mindedness and altruism,’ try not to panic, instead be smart, informed and aware. Ask for the things you need and read the information about COVID-19. You can be safe and not live in fear.

Perhaps we can find together ways to Stay Connected and Stay Healthy. Please let us know your thoughts, if you can volunteer, and what your talents may be.

In love, solidarity, kindness and vision for a healthy connected community.

With you in mind,


*For continuing updates and news a good source is the New York Times. They have made coronavirus coverage free. Search “new york times coronavirus updates” in google.

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